5 Best Places to Visit in Bavaria

5 best places to visit in Bavaria

Bavaria is the largest of the sixteen German states, nearly covering up one fifth of Germany. Best known for hosting Oktoberfest in Munich every year, Bavaria is filled with beer halls. That’s not all it has though. Museums, pristine lakes, castles and forests, Bavaria has a wide range of different places you can visit- Whether you enjoy drinking beer or not.

  1. Nuremberg Castle


Situated in the middle of Nuremberg, Nuremberg castle is considered to be one of Europe’s most formidable medieval fortifications. Starting from a humble beginning in the mid-11th century, and almost completely rebuilt after the Second World War, this castle is quite an amazing place to visit. The museum presents an excellent exhibition on the castle’s history. If you’re a historical person and you enjoy interesting places then this is a place for you.

Nuremberg Castle

  1. Viktualienmarkt


Viktualienmarkt is a food market in the center of Munich. Originally a farmer’s market in the early 19th century, Viktualienmarkt is a massive area covering 22,000m squared with food stalls selling flowers, poultry, cheese, bread, juice, and so many others. There is many different events, ranging from gardener’s day to “dance of the market women” on Shrove Tuesday. If you enjoy buying quality food, this is the place to go.


  1. Zugspitze


Zugspitze is the highest mountain in Germany, at a massive 2962 metres above sea level. There are three cable cars which run from the top of the Zugspitze to the bottom. The views that you can see from the cable car are brilliant, nothing short of breath taking. There are various hiking and ski trails which you can reach to get to the top of the mountain, with three main routes to the summit. The Zugspitze is a very popular snowsport destination during the winter, being the highest ski resort in Germany. If you enjoy hiking, skiing, or just magnificent views, this is a great place to go.


View from the top of the Zugspitze in a cable cart.


  1. Olympiapark


Olympia park is an Olympic park which was made for the 1972 summer Olympics. Even though it is not used for Olympics anymore, it is used as a venue for many different events, predominantly cultural and social. Some examples of some of these events are the four day run, Munich triathlon and twenty-four hour swim. From the top of the tower you can see the whole park, and you can take a stroll around the hall and admire some of the memorials and the magnificent structure of the building. There’s many restaurants nearby, so once you’ve finished your stroll, you can go and eat some fine food and drink some fine alcohol. If you’re a sporty person, this is a great place to visit.


  1. Linderhof Palace


Linderhof Palace is a chateau, located in southwest Bavaria. It was built by King Ludwig II and it was the only palace out of three that he saw finished. If you get to experience a tour of this magnificent building, you will observe a hall of mirrors, (made for the slightly eccentric king himself) two tapestry chambers, and the dining room where King Ludwig II himself ate. If you take a stroll around the building, you will see beautiful golden statues, colourful flowers, and many fountains to admire. Visiting the Linderhof Palace is a brilliant experience for any history lover or any person who enjoys good architecture.

Linderhof Palace

Bavaria has thousands of magical places to visit, this article only being a fraction of what Bavaria has to offer. But if you enjoy good food, breathtaking views, snow sports, or alcohol, Bavaria is a yes to visit. With the multitude of different places to go and things to see, you will never run out of ideas.

5 best places to visit in Bavaria




Traveling around the world definitely has a lot of perks to it, such as meeting new people, you experience a new culture, it broadens your horizon, widens your perspective of the world etc.


However, there are also some cons of traveling such as potentially gaining weight due to lack of exercise, indulging too much in the local cuisine, drinking too much alcohol etc.


You’re probably wondering how we can minimize these negative factors while still enjoying ourselves to the fullest possible.



Here are some tips and trick you could use to still keep in shape during traveling.




When you go out to eat always choose foods which are high in protein. Protein is extremely helpful when it comes to dieting as it has extremely high satiety levels as shown in this study ( ).


And as you can imagine feeling full is one of the most important factors when it comes to managing body weight.


Alongside feeling more full, protein actually helps with burning more of the total body fat and trunk fat when calories are restricted as shown in this study ( )





Calorie density can be described as how many calories a certain food contains per gram of food. The more calories it contains, the more calorie dense it is.


Obviously choosing low-calorie dense foods is optimal for keeping higher satiety levels and preventing fat gain.


The best low-calorie dense options are fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, leaner cuts of meat etc.





Staying completely away from alcohol drinking is of course for most of us, simply put not realistic.


So what should you do if you plan on drinking?


If you want to minimize fat gain you should:

  • Avoid adding sugar beverages to your alcohol (like adding fruit juice to vodka for instance).
  • Avoid cocktails as they are filled with sugar.
  • Avoid eating high-fat foods after drinking as alcohol consumption temporarily inhibits fat oxidation (or “fat burning”) as shown in this study ( ).





I don’t know about you, but I love to exercise. If you aren’t of the same opinion, that’s unfortunate, however, you should still try to incorporate at least some exercise while traveling to burn more calories.


Remember, the more you exercise, the more you can, in turn, eat and drink.


There are many “sneaky” ways of incorporating exercise into your traveling program such as taking hikes, traveling around with a bicycle rather than a car, going for a long swim if you are near a beach etc.

You could also do some bodyweight or resistance band exercises (link to ) which do not require a lot of room, just some will to exercise and some imagination.





Most people ingest too many calories in the evening/at night when they go out to eat and possibly follow that up with some drinks afterward.


I have already mentioned how to minimize fat gain through proper food and alcohol choices, but there is another alternative where you actually don’t have to hold back from eating everything you want.


This alternative involves doing a short fast throughout the day or eating very small protein based meals throughout the day and then going “all out” at night. Eating little throughout the day will leave you with a lot of calories to play with at the end of the day and you will be able to eat and drink your favorite foods and drinks without restricting yourself.





Travelling is fun, but gaining unnecessary weight while travelling isn’t.


Follow the above-mentioned tips and you’ll minimize fat gain as much as possible.





Matjaž is a personal trainer and has BSc in Food Technology and Nutrition.


Currently, he is also attaining his Master’s degree in Sports Nutrition.


He promotes a healthy lifestyle and helps people achieve their fitness goals.

He regularly writes about exercise, nutrition and supplement tips on


Things To Do In Dubrovnik

It’s the time of year when everyone is getting ready to choose a right tourist destination for a vacation, and in case you still did not make up your mind, you may well try with Dubrovnik, Croatia. The ancient Republic, Dubrovnik, always was is still a tourist lighthouse which attracts people from all around the world. Those who still haven’t seen this Mediterranea Pearl are probably not aware what they are missing. But we are here to help!

A Neverending Story

Dubrovnik is a beautiful city on the Croatian shores of Adriatic sea, and for centuries it used to be a small but independent Republic. Some records suggest that it was founded in the 6th century AD, and it gradually developed into an important trading port with strong navy. Its citizens were experienced traders and naval explorers famous all around the Europe and even further in places like India where they developed small colonies. But what makes Dubrovnik so unique is its sense of democracy and taste for arts and culture. Many famous thinkers, writers and poets used to live here and create magnificent works that are respected even today. And although Napoleon Bonaparte had made the end of the Republic’s independence, the feeling for culture has been preserved until today. Dubrovnik is one of the top tourist destinations in the world today and a place where famous moviemakers shoot scenes. Game of Thrones and Star Wars producers are Dubrovnik’s latest guests so don’t be astonished if you meet some celebrities while roaming the city’s streets.

What To See?

Well, there are truly hundreds of amazing places in Dubrovnik you should check out but since you probably won’t have that much time you might consider to visit at least the major ones.

City Walls

Probably the best way to start your adventure in Dubrovnik is to visit its astonishing walls that used to protect the city from numerous invaders. Once you climb the walls, you will be able to see the whole town as well as the beautiful Adriatic sea that is surrounding it. Also, while you are there, don’t miss a chance to see other important parts of Dubrovnik’s defences such as the St. Luca Tower or the St. John Fort. Those who are brave enough can also go to the Fort Lovrijenac, but have in mind that the object is located on top of the 40 meters high cliff looking down on the sea.

City Walls Dubrovnik

The Old City

Those who are not great fans of high places should directly go the historic centre of Dubrovnik. Your first stop might be the Large Onofrios Fountain built in the 15th century where you can refresh yourself a bit and get ready for other adventures. Then, you should go to the main street called Stradun where you can enjoy the amazing baroque architecture of various palaces or public and noble houses. Probably the most beautiful manor is called Sponza where famous artists and scientists used to meet and discuss various issues. Those who are into shopping can go to Placa where they can buy some local merchandise and souvenirs.

The Old City


And if you want to learn a bit more about Dubrovnik’s history you should go to one of many museums in the city. Nautical Museum may be the first one you should go to because Dubrovnik was the Merchant Republic and here you can find out all about its famous vessels which used to travel all around the world. Also, Historical and Cultural Museum will be a great place to hear some of the interesting stories from the city’s past that will help you understand the unique mentality of Dubrovnik’s citizens.

Museums In Dubrovnik


And of course, it would be a shame to visit a coastal city and not test its beaches right? Dubrovnik is truly an amazing place because everyone can find a beach that suits his or hers needs. There are rock, pebble and sandy beaches, as well as public and private, so you can choose whatever you might like. Our favourites are Buza Beach, which is located beneath the city walls, and Copacabana that has most activities. But if you have enough of time, you might go to the nearby islands of Kolocep and Lopud since they are indeed top destinations worth visiting.

Beaches In Dubrovnik

Once you visit Dubrovnik, you will be aware why famous movie stars such as Tom Cruise or Angelina Jolie come here almost every year. The old Republic raises again so don’t miss a chance to be a part of it.



If you are going on a trip and you generally care about your physical fitness, you might be worried about how you are going to maintain the gains that you have worked so hard to get. There are a number of ways in which you can stay in shape while travelling.


First of all, you can go for those activities during your vacations that would help you stay in shape. For example, you can just go on a hiking trip and this would help you stay in shape automatically because you would be taking part in such rigorous physical activity while you are on your off days. You should also consider taking some time out to exercise during your vacation.

Everyone knows that this is boring and would take away from the enjoyable nature of your time away from work and regular life, but sometimes doing things like this is important in order to establish a sense of routine that would help you stay as fit as possible. Taking your weights along with you can be a real hassle, but you can just take the best adjustable dumbbells and that would be the end of that. You would not need to rely on anything else in order to exercise. Also try pushups and the like, they don’t require equipment either and are very effective.

Alternatively, you could go for activities while you relax that would help you stay in shape. Swimming is a great example, it can help you to exercise without putting a great deal of strain on you. You can also try playing sports, these are a lot of fun and are great for fitness because they use your muscles and help you work up a sweat.

woman with arm out

Additionally, you should pay close attention to your diet. Just because you are enjoying yourself doesn’t mean you can indulge too much. Doing so can be extremely detrimental to your health. Eat well, but in moderation. This will prevent you from getting fat during the two weeks that you are relaxing. You should also try your best to avoid carbs, this can allow you to eat delicious meat without having to control your portions. Also, stock up on detox juices, they will prevent fat from accumulating and are excellent for your overall health as well. This process is complicated but it is clearly essential!


Author Bio:

Ida Jones
Ida Jones is a mother of two little ones. She enjoys home-based workouts, cardio exercises and long runs. She loves spending her vacations outdoors with her kids around nature. She believes in clean and healthy eating. She regularly writes about fitness tips and much more at Fitness Grit.

Tenerife – The Pearl of The Canary Islands

Tenerife – The Pearl of The Canary Islands

Finding a perfect location for your holiday is an important task. After a year spent in hard work, the last thing you would want is a disappointing vacation. Well, Spain is always a good and safe choice but if you really want to have a nice time, then you should go to Tenerife.

The Canary Islands – a Heaven on Earth

The Canary Islands are truly the next best thing to Heaven, so going there will surely be a wise decision. Tenerife is the biggest of seven islands that together make this beautiful archipelago. Also, it is the most populous island in the whole Spain and maybe even the most beautiful one. There is one interesting fact about The Canary Islands. Namely, they are much closer to the African coast than to the Spanish mainland. And that is not all; Tenerife is a volcanic island that has emerged millions of years ago in the Atlantic Ocean. In its centre lies the highest point in whole Spain – the great cone of Teide.

With a variety of climates, Tenerife is also a unique place on Earth where some of the most amazing ecosystems survive one next to another. So once you come here, you will be able to see tropical crops, semi-desert areas with drought-resistant plants, but also vast valleys covered with pine forests. And all of that while enjoying a magnificent view over the Atlantic Sea and the coast of West Africa.

But the best part is that you can reach Tenerife fast and easy, without any issues. You can do this either by plane or ferry and once you arrive you will quickly move around the island with the public bus network. In addition, it may be an excellent idea to rent a car, since it is quite cheap and there is a good network of toll-free motorways all around the island.

The Origins of Modern Tenerife

The Canary Islands were always attractive to people, even in the ancient times. The classical Greek authors wrote about the mysterious land that lies behind the Hercules Pillars. The islands are mainly famous for its strong and fierce-looking dogs called “verdinos” or “bardinos”. Even the name Canary comes from Latin word “canis” which means a dog. Tenerife got its name from the high mountain peak of Teide, which was referred to as the white (tene) mountain (ife).

Before the Spanish conquered this archipelago in the late 15th century, it was mainly inhabited by the local tribes called the Guanches. After the conquest, many of them moved to the New World and mostly to Venezuela and Cuba.

The Island of Thousand Experiences

Once you come to Tenerife, your adventure will start immediately because there is always something going on the island. But among other activities, you should definitively visit the historic centres where you will be able to see some fantastic representatives of local architecture from various periods. And among others, you should definitively go to the historic centre of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the capital city of the island. The central church dating back to the 17th century is the main attraction, surrounded by the old streets, houses and plazas where you can grab something to eat, for example. Y

ou should also take a look into one of many local museums such as the Military Museum or the Fine Art Museum. But most of the people are usually most impressed with The Museum of Science and Cosmos, which is basically a combination of traditional museum and a theme park.

Also, don’t miss the Red de Calidad Tenerife Rural, which is, in fact, a network of centres that show the guests the authentic values of the rural world by helping them visit various wineries, farms, ethnographic museums, pottery centres, etc. That way you will get to know the Tenerife in an entertaining but still informative way.

From Private Accommodation to All-Inclusive Service

No matter if you plan to visit Tenerife for a couple of days, or you intend to stay at least a week or two, the island will surely provide you with various possibilities. Visitors mostly decide to spend their vacation and holidays in hotels or hostels, but there are also people who love their privacy above everything else, so they choose to rent apartments or villas instead. As an island with a long tradition of hospitality and tourism, Tenerife disposes of hundreds of hotels that range from the modest ones to the all-inclusive hotels, providing five-star service. For instance, Tenerife offers you an opportunity to book an excellent, spacious, and well-furnished room in an old, 18th-century manor, with a peaceful and warm atmosphere. Or, if you wish to have a fun experience, then you are welcome to stay in crowded hotels with indoor and outdoor pools, sauna and high-quality restaurants, private beaches and polite staff. However, should decide for a single variant, you can always find excellently located an apartment or even B&B. Tenerife is really open to all possibilities, and you are the one to choose which suits you best.

Local Dishes Bring a Whiff of Canary Islands

Visiting Tenerife will unavoidably make your trip unforgettable when it comes to cuisine and food. Namely, you can always find restaurants that offer international and ‘already seen’ meals. But, what is specific about Tenerife is that it provides its visitors with an incredible offer of local specialities. Of course, there are not many such restaurants, but you will recognise them right away since they offer menus with soups, stews, and grilled fish. The island disposes of a great variety of vegetables and fruits, which is why exactly these make the foundation of almost any great Canarian meal. Don’t leave the island without trying the well-known wrinkled potatoes, or how locals call it ‘papas arrugadas’. Potatoes are wrinkled because they are boiled in salt water, and served with two kinds of delicious sauce – a spicy and a green one.

Fish lovers will be treated with local specialities like ‘caldereta’ and ‘sancocho canario’. These two represent salted fish served with a ‘mojo’ sauce. Everyone who has tasted fish meals in Tenerife ended up doing research back at home on how to prepare these never-to-be-forgotten recipes.

When it comes to deserts, those with a sweet-tooth will be thrilled because deserts in Tenerife inevitably consider mixing honey, almond cream, eggs, rum, and a variety of tropical fruit. Worth trying are ‘bienmesabe’ and fried bananas.

A Wide Variety of Spectacular Activities

An excellent climate and natural surrounding make Tenerife an excellent spot for doing all kinds of activities. For that reason, the local population has developed various interesting as well as exciting excursions, adrenaline rush activities, picnics and trips. No matter if you are visiting the island alone, with a friend or with the whole family, you will undoubtedly have the chance to find something for yourself. Sports that are modern today, like volleyball, tennis or even golf are available, with dozens of courts and brand new equipment. However, what is most attractive in Tenerife is the activity of whale watching. Since the south-west coast of the island is a hot spot for watching these incredible mammals, you may be fortunate enough to spot species like a killer whale, blue whale, pilot whale or baleen whale.

Apart from whale watching, one can always choose the popular scuba diving or sailing activities. Many visitors decide to take a chance to meet the underwater life with experienced trainers and guides, and in case you have never tried them, you are welcome to dive in Tenerife and discover the unseen beauties.

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Things To Do In Egypt

Things To Do In Egypt

Egypt has a number of attractive tourist spots and attractions. It is a linking country between Africa and the Middle East. The capital of Egypt is Cairo. The place is famous for its ancient civilization. The large number of temples, mummies, hieroglyphs and the most attractive the pyramids. Here are few of the places that you must visit if you are an adventurer or traveler:

The Pyramids Of Giza

The Pyramids Of Giza

The most attractive and known place of the Country, which has its name mentioned in the top seven wonders. It was built by Pharaoh Khufu between 2575- 2566 BC. The Pharaoh Khufu was the son Snefuru, who first built the pyramids. The Egypt has around 120 Pyramids but the Great Pyramid of Egypt, which is the largest, is in Giza. The place has other two pyramids as well but they are smaller in size.

The City Of Alexandra

The City Of Alexandra

The largest industrial seaport of Egypt is Alexandria, which is situated on the famous Mediterranean coast. It is one of the busiest destinations for tourists. You can find many ancient monuments, beaches, and large museums. The place is perfect for those who love ancient and archaeological things. The Catacombs of Kom es-Shoqafa which were built in 2 AD is located here. Other places that you can explore are Abu El Abbas Mosque, Montazah place, the Anfushi tomb, the Roman Amphitheater, Citadel of Qaitbey and many other gardens and pillars.

The Luxor

The Luxor

One of the most famous places situated in the middle of Egypt has a number of amazing ancient places. The famous places are the Luxor temple and the valley of Kings. It used to be the capital of ancient Egypt where King used to reign. The Luxor temple is a place of worship. It was built over many years by various rulers, so it has many burial chambers too.

The Valley of the Kings and queens have about 140 tombs altogether. It is built in a large area and covers a vast space. The other famous place is the Karnak Temple.

Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai

The wonderful starry nights and the amazing sunrise view are what complements your day and nights. You must visit Mount Sinai to enjoy this view. It has religious pilgrimage but the main attraction is still the sunset and sunrise. One of the highest points, which take over 6 hours to climb.

The south Sinai

It is one of the best beaches in the world with even better views. You can enjoy diving and snorkeling. The place looks breathtakingly amazing. The famous Sharm El Sheikh resort is located here. You can also enjoy Dahab based on Sinai explorations.

Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis

This is a remote town which shows you the other side of Egypt, away from the big cities. It has many old mud-brick houses which are very amazing. The Mountain of the Dead is located in the north of this small town. It is suitable for those who want a tour in dessert.

Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel

The Abu Simbel is one of the best places with ancient and incredible monuments. It is a very luxurious and large temple near Aswan in Egypt. The temple was built by Ramesses 2 to show its greatness after he got a victory in a battle against enemies. It was built in the 13th century. It has a statue of 20 meters situated at the center.

The Nile River

It is one of the most famous places, which is known to all, the Nile River. It is the popular activity among tourist to cruise on the river. The luxurious modern style boats are run at scheduled time. The feluccas are different and don’t have any luxury which runs through current and the wind. You can enjoy many other things like local markets and museum in Aswan. It will surely be your most memorable times.

The Nile River

Red Sea

The Red Sea

The diving is best in the Egypt. Even the place has many world class beaches which are absolutely amazing. You will enjoy and find it difficult in going from that place. The diving at red sea will make you addicted to it. It is one of the most popular among the tourists. Even some spend few weeks of their tour while diving.

Desert safari

Desert Safari

The deserts in Egypt are famous in the world. You won’t get such huge and beautiful desserts anywhere. You must enjoy Desert safari for once or more. It will give you an amazing experience. You can go with local Bedouin and enjoy the place.

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 Things To Do In Egypt

Things To Do In Switzerland

Things To Do In Switzerland

In 2016 a survey took place which revealed the global ranking of happiness in 158 nations and when the report came out Switzerland turned out to be the second happiest country on the planet, isn’t it fascinating. The question which comes in everyone’s mind is that just what is making everyone so happy in Switzerland? Well here’s the answer, this is the birthplace of skiing and it offers travelers much more than just slopes and chalets. From art to food to outdoor adventures, there’s so much to visit in this small country and they also offer there some fun events and special experiences that might have a little something to do with why everyone is feeling the love.

Things To Do In Switzerland

So don’t just sit back and think where to go in vacations just get packed and head straight for this small, mountainous and wealthy jewel nested comfortably in the heart of Europe. Add to it the stylish ski resorts of Zermatt or charming Berne echoing medieval times, celebrity-studded St Moritz, and the outrageous Zurich steaming with art and design or the cosmopolitan Geneva, and once you end up in this country this small yet amazing country will make your vacations unforgettable.

Via Mala Gorge:

Mala Gorge

Between Thusis and Andeer the Via Mala Gorge lies. Via Mala Gorge means «evil road», and for many centuries it has enjoyed a unique mythical status. This is a natural monument with its rock walls is 300m long and has 321 stone steps which lead you safely down into the depths of the gorge and is easily accessible to visitors.

Long time ago this natural monument was probably one of the most feared section of the historic transit route known as the Via Spluga . Nowadays,this monument is a «must see» for tourists.Chapel

Bridge (Kapellbrücke):

Bridge (Kapellbrücke)

Chapel Bridge (“Kapellbrücke”) that surrounds the Reuss River in the city Lucerene is a wooden pedestrian bridge. It is named after the nearby St. Peter’s Chapel, it was built in 1333 and is one of the oldest wooden bridges in Europe.Today, it is one of the Switzerland’s main tourist attraction.

The Old City of Berne:

The Old City of Berne:

“It is the most beautiful that we have ever seen,” wrote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in a letter to his friend Charlotte von Stein during his stay in Bern in 1779. Today the Swiss capital still enchants its visitors with its charm and diverse attractions and events.

This is the only city in Switzerland which offers such a wonderful wealth of culture, entertainment and leisure. Hurry and hectic are foreign words to the Bernese. In their city, people enjoy life up to their fullest and take time for what is important. It’s entirely easy to relax and enjoy oneself in this unique Old Town atmosphere

The Rhine Falls:

The Rhine Falls:

Rhine falls is 150 m wide and 23 m high waterfall is located near the village of Neuhausen in Northern Switzerland. Even though the Rhine Fall receives massive tourism every year, the natural beauty is just overwhelming and it is for sure worth your time. May/June is the best time to visit because at that time the amount of water peaks are at their best.

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Thinking Of Flying United Airlines?

Thinking Of Flying United Airlines?



Thinking Of Flying United Airlines?

Things To Do In Northern Ireland Over The Easter Holidays

Things To Do In Northern Ireland Over The Easter Holidays


A Visit To Mount Stewart 


This is a truly classical house with totally amazing Gardens if you want to see how the rich live and used to live in Northern Ireland a day trip to Mount Stewart has to be on the top of your list for sure.

Mount Stewart

A visit to Mount Stewart


A Visit To The North Antrim Coast

If you love stunning scenery then you really want to do this drive around the North Antrim Coast if you get a nice sunny day the views of the North Antrim Coast are hard to beat.

Atlantic views from the north coast of ireland

Visit North Antrim Coast


A Visit To Carrick A Rede Rope Bridge


If you are scared of heights this may not be the ideal trip for you but there may be other members of your family wanting to cross this very old rope bridge, crossing the bridge carrick a rede rope bridge definitely a day to remember.

Crossing Carrick A Rede Rope Bridge

A Visit To Carrick A Rede Rope Bridge

As a child I used to love being taken by my parents to Portrush. Some things never change, If you are visiting Portrush best time is spring or summer as in the winter a lot of shops close down.


A Day Out In Portrush



Portrush Beach

A Day In Portrush


The Silent Valley


The Silent valley is about 15 miles outside Newcastle County Down. It is like it says in the name a very quiet place. It is a reservoir surrounded by mountains I discovered by accident in my early 20s when a friend suggested that we go there.  If you haven’t been to the silent valley it is definitely a place to put on your to visit list.

Silent Valley

A Trip To Silent Valley


A Visit To Tollymore Forest

Tollymore Forest Park is situated in Newcastle County Down. It is an outstanding place with lots of beautiful scenery and walks. Since Newcastle has also got so many other things to offer including the Mourne mountains I highly recommend a visit.

Tollymore forest park


A Visit To Tollymore Forest Park


Bangor Marina And Pickie Fun Park

Bangor Marina has a nice walk along the coast which goes all the way to Crawfordsburn Country Park. There is a playpark for the kids a pool with pedal swans for the kids. There is also a mini golf course a cafe and a mini train for the kids to go on, in fact they even allow the big kids(adults on it as well) 🙂
Bangor Marina at night

A Visit To Bangor Marina And Pickie Fun Park


A Walk To Killynether Forest 

Killynether Forest is situated beside Scrabo Tower in Newtownards it is an ideal place to go for a walk or a picnic or just to get some peace and quiet. Away from the hussle and bussle of everyday life.

Scrabo Tower


Killynether Forest Park

A Walk To Killynether Forest


Visit The Odyssey Arena  In Belfast 


Why not go for a visit to the Odyssey Arena in Belfast situated right beside the Titanic quarter and Harland And Wolff where the Titanic was built. There are lots of restaurants the W5 Science Centre, Ten Pin Bowling,Coffee Shops and a Cinema.   There are also concerts held in the Arena regularly so it may be worth checking the ticket office to see if there is any concerts on when you are there.

odyssey arena belfast


A Visit To The Odyssey Arena


A Visit To Frankie And Bennys Restaurant


Frankie And Bennys has something of an atmosphere that I really enjoy it is based on a New York theme Italian Restaurant, My experience with all the things I have ordered has been really good.  It can be a bit more expensive than other restaurants but well worth a visit for a night out or a treat.

Frankie And Bennys Belfast

Inside Frankie And Bennys Restaurant


An Evening In Frankie And Bennys


Murlough Nature Reserve

An ideal place for a walk with your family or to take your dog. Only problem is that you can’t guarantee that your dog won’t take a swim across the lough after the swans.  This happened to me one day as I watched my Dobermann swim off into the sunset only to arrive back a long time later.


Murlough Nature Reserve



Walk Around Murlough Nature Reserve

Trip to Ulster Folk and Transport Museum in Cultra


A Visit To The Ulster Folk And Transport Museum In Holywood



A visit to Botanic Gardens in Belfast


A Walk Around Botanic Gardens


A Trip To Belfast Northern Ireland

A Visit To Belfast


Top Ten Attractions In Belfast


Titanic Tours Belfast


When you are out on your travels it is well worth a trip to Castle Park in Bangor making sure you pay a visit to the walled gardens in particular. They look absolutely amazing especially in Spring and Summer.

Flowers at walled garden bangor northern ireland


Walk Around Castle Park Bangor And The Walled Gardens

Of course if you are just visiting Northern Ireland for a holiday it is always a good idea to make sure you get some competitive quotes for hotels and accommodation while you are here click the link below to compare and get the best deals.

Find Cheap Hotels In Belfast

To find out more information about any of the places discussed in the above article click on the blue link below the picture for more information.

Things To Do In Northern Ireland Over The Easter Holidays

Mont Saint-Michel In Normandy France

Mont Saint-Michel In Normandy France

Mont Saint-Michel In Normandy France