Maldives tour: Tourist attractions in Maldives

Maldives (also known as the Maldive Islands), is an island nation in the Indian Ocean. Located around 700 km southwest of Sri Lanka, Maldives is draped in vibrant hues of the sea and the sun. It is a paradise for nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts.

Maldives comprises around 1,190 islands out of which only 200 are inhibited. Out of these 200 islands, more than 80 are luxury resorts which offer you amazing tropical island experience. Male is the capital of Maldive islands. It is well-connected with the rest of the world.

Many tourist attractions in Maldives woo people from all over the world daily. Maldives is blessed with stunning beaches, where you can find blue seas, white sand and coconut trees. Kuredu Island Resort, Bandos Island Resort, Velassaru Maldives are prominent island resorts here.

The beaches are hot and humid; however cool breeze from the ocean keeps you comfortable. The temperature in Maldives is between 24 degrees Celsius and 33 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

Resorts in Maldives offer something for everyone. You can enjoy lush tropical vegetation, swaying palm trees, snorkeling, coral reefs, water scooter rides, deep sea fishing, parasailing, surfing, underwater coral watching, diving and transparent azure lagoons here. These resorts offer world-class service and modern amenities like spa.

Ithaa Underwater Restaurant is a unique restaurant which gives you an opportunity to dine watching beautiful marine creatures. The restaurant is 16 feet below sea level. Dining here is a completely out-of-the-world experience.

There are more than 700 varieties of fish in the seas around Maldives. Manta ray, sea turtles, octopus, sea anemones, eels, whale sharks, dogtooth tune, skipjack, butterfly fish, sweetlips and fusiliers are some marine creatures in Maldives.

Majority of the population in Maldives belong to the Sunni Muslim sect. The Grand Friday Mosque is the biggest mosque in Maldives and is one of the tourist attractions. Mulee Aage Palace and Hukuru Miskiiy are other famous mosques in Maldives.

The National Museum, which is located in Sultan Park, was a palace earlier. This museum preserves a collection of historical artifacts. You can find many royal costumes, ornaments, paper and cloth manuscripts, arms and armors, stone items of the pre-Islamic Maldives, and anthropological objects here.

Fish market is a major tourist attraction. You can find a large variety of fish here. This market is overcrowded most of the time. Esjehi Art Gallery displays traditional and modern artwork by the people of Maldives. It is one of the oldest buildings in the city of Male.

Maldivesis an ideal tropical island getaway. Vacation to this wonderful country is sure to be a memorable and a rejuvenating one.

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All about Italy: Italy tourist attractions

If you want to known all about Italy, you are in the right page. Italy is the land of art, architecture, pizza, cappuccino, spaghetti, wine and fashion. Located in south-central Europe, this glorious nation is influenced by a temperate seasonal climate. Italy is well connected with the rest of the world.

Here is a brief overview of some Italy tourist attractions.

The Colosseum

The Colosseum is located in the center of Rome, the capital of Italy. Originally known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, the Colosseum is probably the most impressive building of the Roman Empire. Even though it has fallen into ruins, this elliptical building impresses you with its immensity. Roman emperors used the Colosseum to entertain the masses with free games.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

This freestanding bell tower is more than 55 meters tall. The top of the tower is displaced horizontally by 3.9 meters from where it would be if it stood straight. Germans were using the tower as an observation post during the World War II. It attracts tourists from all parts of the world every day.

Uffizi Gallery

This beautiful museum is located inFlorence. It is an art lover’s paradise and is the oldest and most famous art museum in the Western world. It offers a wonderful collection of paintings and is a living representation of Florence’s role in the Renaissance. Your visit to this museum is sure to be awe-inspiring.


Everything about Venice is beautiful.Venice is well-known for its architecture and artwork. Tourists from all over the world are attracted to its beautiful cityscape, and musical and artistic cultural heritage. St. Mark’s Basilica, Piazza San Marco and Grand Canal are some prominent tourist attractions ofVenice.

Amalfi Coast

This photogenic stretch of coastline is famous for it picturesque landscapes, breathtaking cliffs, sparkling seas and wonderful lemon groves. Amalfi coast attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Duomo di Milano

It is one of the largest churches in the world. This beautiful church has 3,400 statues and 135 spires. You can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city and the Alps from the top of the church.

Statue of David

Located in Florence, this famous marble statue was created by Michelangelo. This masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture is 5.17 meters tall and represents the biblical hero, David.

Simply put, Italy is beautiful. Your visit to this amazing country is sure to be a memorable and refreshing one.
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USA travel: Places to visit in USA

The United States of America (USA) is a huge nation which comprises 50 states. This ethnically diverse and multicultural nation offers many tourist attractions to its visitors. There are many places to visit in USA. You have to visit USA to get a better perspective of our world.

In this wonderful nation, you can find sky scrapers, beautiful beaches, dense forests, vast deserts, various centers and science and technology, theme parks, awesome mountains, amazing waterfalls and much more.

Here is a brief overview of some popular tourist attractions in the US.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a steep-sided canyon which is carved by the Colorado River. Located in the state of Arizona, this natural beauty is 277 miles long. The Grand Canyon has housed the Native Americans for thousands of years. Hiking, helicopter tours and rafting are popular activities in Grand Canyon.

Times Square

TheTimes Squareis located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. This brilliantly illuminated hub is a major center of the world’s entertainment industry. The Coca-Cola sign, Chevrolet clock and the TKTS Booth are some notable landmarks of Times Square.

Niagara Falls

This amazing falls forms the international border between Canada and the US. It is composed of two major sections, the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side and the American Falls on the American side.

The Las Vegas Strip

This approximately 4-mile stretch is not located within the city of Las Vegas. It passes through the towns of Paradise and Winchester. The Las Vegas Strip offers many casinos, resorts and large hotels.

Yellowstone National Park

This national park is well-known for its rugged beauty and was created to preserve geysers,hot springs and wild life. The park contains half of the world’s known geothermal features. You can also find grizzly bears, deer, black bears, bison, elk and wolves in this wonderful national park.

National Mall and Memorial Parks

Located in Washington,D.C., this 1000-plus acres area includes the memorials of great personalities like Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson. You can also find the Vietnam War Veterans Memorial here.

Walt Disney World Resort

Popularly known as the Disney World, this entertainment resort is located in Lake Buena Vista,Florida. The resort offers many theme parks, water parks, hotels, spas, a campground, physical fitness centers, golf courses and much more.

The Big Island

Located in Hawaii, The Big Island offers many wonderful beaches. It is well-knows for its variety of beaches; you can even find a beach with green sand. This location is an ideal island getaway.

The Unites States offers many more tourist attractions. Your visit to this amazing country will surely be etched in your memory for a long time.
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Orlando attractions: Things to do in Orlando

Orlando is a wonderful city which is located in the central part of the US state ofFlorida. It is a hugely popular family holiday destination and very much deserves its nickname “The City Beautiful”. You can find many things to do in Orlando. More than 50 million tourists visit Orlando every year and the city is well connected with the rest of the world.

Here is a brief overview of some tourist attractions in this amazing city.

Walt Disney World Resort

Orlando is best known for the Walt Disney World Resort, popularly known as the Disney World. It is also the world’s most-visited entertainment resort and offers two water parks, four theme parks, two spas, five golf courses and many more venues of entertainment.

Sea World Theme Park

SeaWorld offers many rides (like Wild Arctic and Journey to Atlantis), entertaining shows (like Blue Horizons and One Ocean) and awesome exhibits (like Dolphin Cove and Shark Encounter). It provides exclusive park experience to its visitors.

Universal Orlando Resort

This famous theme park resort offers two theme parks (Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure), three hotels and a night-time entertainment destination (Universal CityWalk).


This 110-acre alligator theme park and wildlife reserve is located along South Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando. It is considered as the “Alligator Capital of the World” houses thousands of alligators and crocodiles.

Lake Eola Park

Lake Eola Park is located in Downtown Orlando. The park is famous for its fountain.Lake Eola, Walt Disney Amphitheater and Chinese Pagoda are the other attractions of this popular park.

Kennedy Space Center

The John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC) is located 45 miles from Orlando. You will need one full day to explore this space center. This hub of technology offers you an opportunity to see NASA’s landing facilities, encounter massive rockets, experience interactive simulators and meet veteran astronauts.

Orange County Regional History Center

This privately owned non-profit history museum is located in Downtown Orlando. This five-story museum contains interesting exhibits some of which are more than 12,000 years old.

Bob Carr Performing Arts Center

This major performing arts auditorium is located in the heart of the city and seats more than 2,500 people. It is home to the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra and Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra.

Orlandois the family entertainment capital of the world. Visit to the above-mentioned Orlando attractions will surely make your trip refreshing, entertaining and memorable.
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Tour to Australia: Top Australia travel destinations

Australia, a country in the southern hemisphere, comprises of the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania and many other smaller islands. This amazing country offers many interesting destinations to its visitors. The main cities of Australia are well-connected with the rest of the world.

Here is a brief overview of the top Australia travel destinations.


The city of Cairns is not very impressive, but you can find many attractions around the city. The Great Barrier Reef is located near the city. It is the world’s largest coral reef system and is Australia’s most remarkable natural gift.

You may consider taking the cable car until Kuranda, over the rain forests. You can experience Mother Nature in all her glory. This place is well-known for its waterfalls. The Daintree National Park near Cairns has the forest with the biggest variety of plants per square meter in the whole world.


Sydney is one of the important cities of Australia. It offers many fascinating sites to its visitors like the Darling Harbor (marine aquarium), Opera House, the zoo, wonderful beaches and many malls. The city is well-known for its vibrant nightlife. The Sydney Tower offers a breathtaking view of the city.

Magnetic Island

The national park in this beautiful island offers an opportunity to see kangaroos and koalas in their natural habitat. This island offers many beautiful beaches. You can also find parrots, possums, iguanas and other native animals.

Ayers Rock

It is one of the oldest rocks on the planet. It is a sacred site for the Aborigines. This large sandstone rock formation is located in central Australia and is close to the city of Alice Springs.

Kakadu National Park

This beautiful national park is in the northern territory of Australia. It is a landscape of immense beauty and offers a variety of flora and fauna. You can also find many Aboriginal paintings here.


Melbourne is one of the main cities in Australia. Federation Square, the Yarra River, Melbourne Aquarium, Melbourne Observation deck and the Royal Botanic Gardens attract many visitors daily. The city also offers many interesting museums.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast is a coastal city located in the southeast part of the Australian state of Queensland. It is a surf lover’s paradise. It offers many amazing beaches and is surrounded by mountains and national parks.

Visit to the above mentioned Australia travel destinations is sure to make your tour to Australia a memorable one.

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Tourist attractions in Florida

Florida is a beautiful state located in the south east part of the United States of America. Various cities in Florida are well-connected with the rest of the world.

Major part of the state is situated on a peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean and the Straits of Florida. The climate varies from subtropical to tropical.

Florida has the largest coastline in the US and offers many amazing beaches to its tourists. But there is much more to Florida than the beaches. Here is a brief overview of some Florida tourist attractions.

Everglades National Park

This world famous national part protects the southern 20 percent of the original Everglades. It is a significant breeding ground for tropical wading birds in North America and attracts more than one million people every year.

Everglades National Park houses 36 threatened or protected species such as American crocodile. It supports 300 species of freshwater and saltwater fish, 350 species of birds, 50 species of reptiles and 40 species of mammals.

Monkey Jungle

This unique park turns the tables by allowing the monkeys and apes to run free, while humans view them from inside the cage. It offers 30 different species of primates to its visitors.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

It is a major attraction in Miami and is well-known for Italian Renaissance formal gardens. The villa’s museum contains more than 70 rooms of distinctive architectural interiors decorated with numerous antiques.

Kennedy Space Center

You can find a replica of the space shuttle outside the space center. The NASA art gallery offers more than 200 pieces by artists like Andy Warhol. Astronaut Encounter offers you an opportunity to be an astronaut for some time.

Walt Disney World Resort

Popularly known as Disney World, it is the world’s most visited entertainment resort. Located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, the resort includes four theme parks, two water parks, five golf courses and many more recreational venues.

Siesta Key Public Beach

Siesta Key is a barrier island off the central western coast of Florida. The luxurious Siesta Key resort, is located minutes from the art and cultural hub of Sarasota, Florida. The beach is rated number one in the country by Dr. Beach.

National Museum of Naval Aviation

This famous museum is on the Naval Air Station in Pensacola. It offers aircraft like World War II Flying Tigers and Blue Angels jets to its visitors. You can also find a reproduction of an aircraft carrier inside the museum.

With so many attractions, Florida is indeed a tourist’s paradise.

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Tourist attractions in England

England is a part of the United Kingdom (UK) and includes over 100 islands. The country’s terrain mostly comprises low hills and plains.England has a temperate maritime climate and is well-connected with the rest of the world. London, the capital of England, is one of the busiest cities in the world.

Picture Of Buckingham Palace In London

Here is a brief overview of some popular England tourist sites.

Buckingham Palace

Located in the city of Westminster, this world famous palace is the official London residence and office of the British monarch. The palace measures 108 meters by 120 meters and is 24 meters high. You can find the largest private garden in London behind the palace.

Westminster Abbey

The Westminster Abbey (also known as The Collegiate Church of St Peter) welcomes more than one million visitors every year. This 700-year-old building is the home to the unique pageant of British history.

Located to the west of the Palace of Westminster (in the heart of London), it is the traditional place of coronation and burial of the monarchs of the Commonwealth realms.

The Westminster Abbey Museum exhibits include a collection of royal and other funeral effigies, replicas of the coronation regalia, mediaeval glass panel and other treasures.

Tower of London

Tower of London is a place of art and history. It intrigues its visitors and tells some really fascinating and bloody stories. Traitor’s Gate, Tower Green,Medieval Palace, royal armor and Crown jewels are some of the attractions of the Tower of London. It is advisable to join a Yeoman Warder tour. The Tower of London also offers many fun activities for the entire family.

Flamingo Land Theme Park and Zoo

It is one of the top theme parks in the UK. This wonderful theme park provides you an opportunity to see the legendary pink flamingos. The park promises a ride or a rollercoaster for every one. You can find African loins, chimpanzees, camels and many other animals in the zoo.

St Paul’s Cathedral

This world famous cathedral stands as a symbol of hope, resilience of strength of the city of London and the United Kingdom. This Church of England cathedral is the seat of the Bishop of London.

Windermere Boat Cruises

Lake Windermere is located in the Lake District National Park and is the most popular tourist destination in Cumbria. It is Britain’s largest natural lake and offers refreshing boat cruises to the visitors throughout the year.

Royal Botanical Gardens

This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers an extensive collection of living plants to the visitors. You can find the world’s tallest indoor plant and the world’s smallest trees in its six glass houses. The variety is fascinating.


This UNESCO World Heritage Site attracts many tourists from all parts of the world. This prehistoric monument is located in the English county of Wiltshireand is composed of a circular setting of large standing stones set within earthworks.

England is a fascinating country. Visit to the above-mentioned England tourist sites is sure to make your trip a memorable one.
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Traveler guide: Tourist attractions in France

France is the most popular travel destination in the world, attracting 78.8 million visitors in the year 2010. This wonderful country, which is located in Western Europe, is well-known for its historic cities, museums, monuments, beautiful countryside, castles, ski resorts, beaches, wines and cheeses.

Here is a brief overview of some tourist attractions in France, with some France tips.

Eiffel Tower

This wrought iron lattice tower is an engineering marvel. It is located on the Champ de Mars in Paris. It is a global cultural icon of France and is the tallest structure (320 meters) in Paris.

Visitors have access to three levels. You can enjoy a stunning view of Paris from the tower. The tower has two restaurants: Le 58 tour Eiffel on the first floor and Le Jules Verne on the second floor.

Palace of Versailles

This large and opulent castle is a fine example of 18th century French art. Located around 20 km southwest of Paris, it was the official seat of power until 1789. It is a symbol of absolute monarchy which prevailed before the French revolution.

With 2,143 windows, 1,252 fireplaces and 67 staircases, the Palace of Versailles is well-known for its grandeur. It attracts tourists from all parts of the world. It is advisable to visit the Palace of Versailles between April and October.


This commune is located in the Rhone-Alps region (southeastern France). It shares the summit of Mont Blanc with the commune of Courmayeur (located in Italy). Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps.Chamonix attracts skiing enthusiasts and nature lovers from all over the world. In fact it is the third most visited natural site in the world.

Dune of Pyla

The Great Dune of Pyla is the tallest sand dune in Europe. Located in La Teste-de-Buch in the Arcachon Bay area, this dune is 500 meters wide and 3 km long.

Gorge du Verdon

This beautiful river canyon is located in southeastern France and attracts nature lovers from all over the world. This picturesque location offers diving, kayaking and hiking opportunities for tourists.

Mont Saint Michel

This rocky tidal island is a commune in Normandy. It is located at the mouth of the Couesnon River in France. This UNESCO World Heritage Site attracts more than three million visitors every year.

Museums in Paris

Paris is famous for its more than 150 museums. Louver museum is the biggest museum in the world. You can find western art from the middle ages and art from antique civilizations (Greek, oriental, Egyptian, Roman and Etruscan).

France is an amazing travel destination and offers many recreational opportunities for tourists. Visit to the above mentioned locations will surely make your trip to France a memorable one.

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Tourist attractions in Switzerland

Switzerland is a beautiful country located in Western Europe. This landlocked country is geographically divided between the Alps, the Swiss plateau and the Jura; with the Alps occupying the greater part of the country. You can find Mother Nature in all her glory in Switzerland. If you want to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Alps, you have to visit Switzerland.

The country has four languages (Swiss German, Italian, Romansch and French). It offers a wide variety of cultures. Switzerland offers something or the other to people belonging to all age groups and to people with different tastes and preferences.

Here is a brief overview of some Swiss attractions.

Even though Berne in the capital of Switzerland, Zurich is its largest city. Guided walking tours are available in English throughout the summer months. It is advisable to visit the old town area (Altstadtbummel).

The ride in the traditional trolley bus enables you to enjoy the spectacular views of the town, mountains and Lake Zurich. Boat rides along the Limmat River is very popular among tourists.

Roman baths offer you a glimpse of Swiss history. They were built more than 2,000 years old. Switzerland is well known for its public observatories. The Urania Observatory offers multi-language shows and is well-known for its enormous telescope.

The Zurich zoo is sure to attract animal lovers. This famous zoo houses more than 2,000 animals, covering around 300 different species. The penguin parades are very popular among children.

If you want to enjoy some really wonderful views of the Alps, you should visit the Valais area. The bus and cable car trip along the Pillon Pass offers you dramatic Alpine sceneries. On a clear day, you can see Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps.

Art lovers must visit Winterthur, a city located in northern Switzerland. You can find beautiful paintings by German, Austrian and Swiss artists in the famous Oskar-Reinhart Foundation Museum.

The Heidi Area in Switzerland is famous for chalets in the mountains, ski lodges and horse-drawn sleight rides. It offers alphorn blowers, beautiful hilly pastures, wood carvings on houses and bridges, waterfalls and glaciers.

Chur is perfect for ski-lovers. It is one of the oldest cities in Switzerland. The famous ski resorts of St. Moritz, Davos and Arosa are located nearby. You can also find Stone Age relics in the archeological museum. If you are visiting Switzerland for skiing only, it is advisable to visit Zermatt.

Switzerland is blessed with immense natural beauty. Rail routes in Switzerland offer you an opportunity to enjoy amazing views of ice-capped mountains, dense forests and beautiful lakes. Golden Pass, Glacier Express, William Tell Express, Bernina Express, Chocolate Train, Palm Express, Mont Blanc Express and Romantic Route Express are some popular scenic rail routes in Switzerland.

Switzerland is well-known for its castles and fortresses. The Chillion Castle, which is located on the shore of Lake Geneva, is the most famous castle in Switzerland. You can enjoy magnificent views of the lake from the castle’s four halls and three courtyards.

The Geneva Jet D’eau is a fountain in the heart of Geneva. It projects water up to 140 meters high and is considered one of the symbols of the city of Geneva. The Piz Gloria is a revolving restaurant on located on top of the Schilthorn Mountain.

Visit to the above-mentioned tourist attractions in Switzerland is sure to make your trip a memorable one.

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Reduce the financial risks of traveling with a travel insurance

Travel insurance is a form of insurance which functions to cover various forms of unexpected expenses during traveling. This can include sudden medical cost or expenses related to trip cancellation. Read along to know more about travel insurance.

AmPmInsure: We make you Insurance Smart

Understanding travel insurance

While you’re traveling, there is no guarantee that you’ll not face any unpleasant situation. There can be sudden unforeseen expenses resulting from injuries, illness, trip cancellation, missing baggage, evacuation due to emergencies or terrorism. It can be quite prudent to obtain a travel insurance policy for yourself so that you can reduce the financial risks associated with traveling. You can purchase a travel insurance policy for a single trip or for multiple trips. Further, there are various types of travel insurance policy which differs in their coverage. Coverage can be provided for a single case (for example: medical expenses) or for multiple cases.

Tips to buy a travel insurance policy

If you have decided to purchase a travel insurance policy, then make sure you give adequate effort to obtain the most favorable deal for you. Go through the points below in order to find tips for buying a travel insurance policy:


  • Look for a policy that provides maximum coverage – The purpose of buying a travel insurance policy is to meet sudden expenses during traveling. You never know what kind of expenses can come your way.

    Thus, it is sensible to go for a policy which would give coverage for a variety of cases. Even if you have to pay more for that (than a plan which provides coverage for specific cases), you can tackle unforeseen expenses during traveling in a much easier way.


  • Check how your expenses will be covered – It is important to understand how your expenses will be covered by the travel insurance company. Some plans cover expenses directly. In other cases, initially you would have to pay for your expenses which will be reimbursed later on by the travel insurance company. You should go for a policy which provides up-front coverage.


  • Compare deals before you buy one – Before you purchase a travel insurance policy, make sure you conduct adequate research about deals offered by various travel insurance companies. That would help you to find an affordable deal which provides coverage for multiple cases.

Thus, you can take the help of a travel insurance policy to make up for your financial losses that can occur during your travel. In order to find a favorable travel insurance policy for you, you can ask for recommendations from people who travel a lot.
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